AEON 周五特价优惠 Great Friday Sale 又来了!


AEON 周五特价优惠 Great Friday Sale 又来了! 

AEON 会员 能在 5月25日 至 5月27日 一连 3 天享有优惠, 凡在AEON General Merchandise Store (GMS)消费,你就能获得免费的优惠券。


凡在AEON General Merchandise Store (GMS)消费
1) 高达RM 80 不包括GST,就能获得价值 RM 5 元的AEON 礼券。
2) 高达RM 150 不包括GST,就能获得价值 RM 10 元的AEON 礼券。 
3) 高达RM 300 不包括GST,就能获得价值 RM 30 元的AEON 礼券。 

另外,在5月26日当天在特定AEON Stores Branded Cosmetics & Fragrances 消费满 RM 100 不包括GST就能获得 价值RM 20元的AEON 礼券哦!

除了这些好康优惠之外, 还有在AEON指定的各式服装,家居用品和电器都有特价优惠!

另一个好消息,凡在5月25日 至 5月31日于AEON General Merchandise Store (GMS)消费,你就能获得额外6%折扣!(不包括Mix&Match, Purchase with Purchase, 多媒体产品,按摩产品,Great Friday电器优惠产品,滤水机系列,A4纸张,BESTA产品 和AEON Stamp Loyalty Program。

这么好的优惠,赶紧Jio亲朋好友在5月25日 至 5月27日到邻近的AEON享有这三天的优惠啦!

Good news, AEON Great Friday Sale is back!

Lots of great deals offered during AEON Great Friday Sale from 25 – 27 May 2018!
What’s more? AEON MEMBER could enjoy to get Free Vouchers when shop at AEON General Merchandise Store (GMS)!
1) Get RM5 Cash Voucher when you spend RM80 and above (exclude GST)
2) Get RM10 Cash Voucher with spending above RM150 (exclude GST)
3) Get RM30 Cash Voucher when spend above RM300 (exclude GST)

Also, get RM20 AEON Promotion Voucher when you spend above RM100 (excluding GST) on Branded Cosmetics and Fragrances at selected AEON Stores!

Other that getting free vouchers, AEON offer many exclusive deals on apparels, home living and electronic appliances, too! 

That’s not just it, you can also enjoy additional 6%off when shop at AEON General Merchandise Stores (GMS)! Promotion is not applicable to Supermarket items, Mix & Match, Purchase with Purchase merchandise, Multimedia products, Massage range product, Great Friday Electrical Promotion item, Water Treatment, A4 Paper, BESTA Electronic Dictionary and AEON Stamp Loyalty Programme.
So many good deals, hurry plan your shopping list and date your friends for a shopping trip to AEON!
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